Dictionary for the bride

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B for Bride

Surely your dress is your co-protagonist in the event. Here's a guide-line to choose the suitable tissues.

  • Batista: tissue with linen and cotton, extremely light, semi-transparent.
  • Brocade: tissue in heavy silk, characterized for its texture with relieved motifs.
  • Cady: crepe, light tissue in silk or wool.
  • Canetté: ribbed fabric, generally used for finishing.
  • Chiffon: a transparent silk veil.
  • Crepe: wool fabric made with yarns.
  • Crépon: variety of crepe.
  • Drap: wool fabric, soft and brilliant.
  • Flannel: almost heavy fabric with a garza effect surface.
  • Cool Wool: very resistant fabric, light and a little warm.
  • Gabardine: very light wool fabric.
  • Georgette: silk crepe , light and transparent, it creates a fluid, soft effect.
  • Jacquard: heavy fabric with texture in relief.
  • Moiré: tissue with wavy and changing effects.
  • Organza: light and transparent silk, tissue with light yarn.
  • Ottoman: silk or wool worsted fabric.
  • Oxford: cotton tissue with a texture of little squares or diamonds on the surface.
  • Plumetis: tissue with little dots in rilief.
  • Satin: cotton or silk tissue with a shiny surface.
  • Silk: natural textil fiber, soft and shiny.
  • Shantung: silk tissue characterized by irregular flaming on surface.
  • Taffetà: plain silk tissue, semi-rigid.
  • Tropical: summer wool worsted fabric in solid color.
  • Toulle: fine and light silk web, a sort of veil.
  • Veil: very light tissue, in natural or artificial fibers.
  • Voile: silk or wool or cotton tissue, very light and transparent.

but, if you prefer lace ...

  • Leavers: lace with a texture of many nuances and relieves, whose origins are boud to the inventor of the frame used to realize it, Lord Leavers, in presence of a bordonnette in rilief, it is named “dentelle rebroée”.
  • Pizzo Chantilly: silk handmade bobbin lace, so called after the French city where they traditionally produce it.
  • Pizzo Macramé: heavy handmade lace.
  • Bobbin lace: it is a lace textile made by braiding and twisting lengths of thread, which are wound on bobbins to manage them. As the work progresses, the weaving is held in place with pins set in a lace pillow, the placement of the pins usually determined by a pattern or pricking pinned on the pillow.it is also known as pillow lace and bone lace, because early bobbins were made of bone or ivory.
  • Bruxelles lace: needlework realized in may Belgian towns, characteristic for its design of flowers and leaves.
  • Burano: needlework lace wth a circular motif with floral decor on it. Handmade on BUrano isle, also known as Venetian Lace.
  • Honiton: lace produced in the English city with the same name, characterized by floral motives and a reticella structure with spots or dots.
  • Sangallo: cotton or linen pierced lace, produced in the homonym Swiss city.
  • Raschel: extremely simple design with a less defined effect.
  • Valenciennes: linen lace from the homonym French city.

F for Flowers

Here you are the meaning of the most famous flowers:

  • Holly: a winthern bride should choose this plant that represents defence, strenght and ethernity.
  • Amaranth: constant, immortal, faithful love.
  • Azaleah: sincerity.
  • Calla: flower of beauty.
  • Dahlia: gratefulness and good taste.
  • Ivy: its leaves talk about fidelity, constant and exclusive love.
  • Fern: sincerity.
  • Peach Flower: immortal love.
  • Orange tree Flower: symbol of fecundity.
  • Borace Flower: livery and joyous love.
  • Freesia: this flower, from South Africa, holds the halo of mystery.
  • Gardenia: simpathy.
  • Jazmine: fortune and wealth for the couple.
  • Sun Flower: happyness and pride, adoring love.
  • Iris: basically expresses happy news, if yellow colored: hot passion.
  • Lilac: first love.
  • Daisy: innocence, freshness, candour.
  • Pomegranade: passionate love; its fruit: fertility and wealth.
  • Mimosa: platonic love.
  • Mirth: sacred to Venus, it brings energy, vigor, power in love.
  • Thrush: return to happiness.
  • Palm: victory.
  • Poppy: serenity, happy dreams.
  • Cowslip: youth, first love.
  • Rose: sweetness, sorrow, joy, glory, humility.
  • Tulip: declaration of love.
  • Violet: humility, honesty.
  • Zinnia: simplicity.

R for Ring

The engagement ring needs a diamond. Let's learn how to distinguish features and cuts, you will then understand what's the most suitable for your personality.


  • Cut: the way that the gemstone has been cut gives in, it gives a special, unique light. There are 3 main cuts: brilliant (the classic one), scale, or mixed.
  • Carat: the weight it's measured in carats.
  • Color: the color that, generally, is yellow or brown but in certain cases turns to green, blue or red and in the most rare cases is transparent and incolor.
  • Clarity: or the purity of the gem that, the less imperfection it contains, the most precious it is.


  • Round: ideal for a traditional woman ho is not trendy but is looking for interior balance, in armony with the world surrounding her.
  • Oval: perfect for an equilibrated woman, with a mite temper.
  • Squared: perfect for a rational woman, self confident, determined to get her goals, always positive thinking.
  • Emerald cut: the best choice for a classical woman.
  • Heart shape: for a very sensitive woman, a romantic one who is disposed to tenderness and maternity.
  • Drop: perfect for a woman with a marked artistic and creative temper.
  • Navette or Marquise: the best choice for a versatile and poliedric, livery and able to catch every aspect of reality.

Besides diamonds, there the other gems, here you are their symbolism:

  • Acquamarina: a lucky gem, favouring a happy and long-lasting marriage.
  • Amber: symbol of a virtuous love.
  • Andalusit: reconquers a lost love, protecting unstable relationships.
  • Beryl: makes a relationship and a feeling stronger.
  • Rock Chrystal: prevents youth and gives beauty.
  • Malachite: spreading happiness, health, richness in relationships.
  • Opal: symbol of sincere and pure love.
  • Moonstone: those who wear it twill be successful in love.
  • Ruby: symbol a passionate and long-lasting love, but also it is the gem of power and success.
  • Emerald: gives hope in a great love and reinforces success.
  • Zapphyre: symbol of faithfulness in love.
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