What does a wedding planner deal with?

Assistance in searching for a location for the wedding ceremony and reception

Based on the client's requests and needs (type of location and style, geographical location, capacity to accommodate guests, budget etc.), a wedding planner will select for you a range of proposals from among the best locations available on the market and will accompany you during on-site inspections.

Selection of service providers

Based on his knowledge of the territory and sector expertise, a wedding planner will be able to suggest to his clients the best service providers able to ensure the highest degree of professionalism, expertise and competitiveness. He might select for you florists, photo and video operators, party favour shops, cake designers, artists for a variety of shows and stages, rental of vehicles and transfer organisation, accommodation and whatever might become necessary for the event.

Consultancy on the wedding gown

A wedding planner will be able to advise you, based on your taste, the event and your characteristics, on the best stylists and the wedding gown model best suited to your needs by selecting the best fashion houses and by personally accompanying you during rehearsals. Moreover, through his skills, he might help you complete your image by suggesting to you the most suitable accessories and complete it as regards make-up and hairstyle as well.

Planning the event and the staging

A wedding planner, as a fully-fledged director, the only one among your wedding suppliers with an overview of the single choices made, will be best able to guide you in defining the style of your event, the colours and general theme, by defining the common thread that will take shape through the choice of floral setting, wedding cake, staging, graphical coordinates, such as invitations and participations, ribbons and bags, place card and anything else which, through customization, will contribute to give shape to your wedding.

Blush&Berry wedding
Blush&Berry wedding
total white-total chic: le nozze di azzurra e vincenzo
total white-total chic: le nozze di azzurra e vincenzo
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