Why a Wedding Planner?

Questions and answers on why rely on a wedding expert

Will the wedding planner choose in my place?

A wedding planner is a sector professional who, as such, has the expertise to advise spouses about the right choices; moreover, as his viewpoint is privileged compared to other service industry operators, being an informed person, and as he takes part in all the wedding choices rather than in one specific aspect only, he stands as the only director truly knowing how to give the best advice, while keeping in mind that each couple of spouses is different from the others, so the final choices are always their exclusive prerogative.

Does the wedding planner have a high cost?

The wedding planner will notify the spouses, already at the stage of the first interview, of the cost of his consultancy which, in the light of the time the client will save by resorting to his help, the commercial agreements concluded with service providers and the discounts on products set aside for him, will enable him to achieve a big saving in terms of stress and economically as well.

Location, photographer, florist and most service providers have been chosen: can we still engage the services of a wedding planner?

A wedding planner does not limit himself to organizing the wedding from the practical viewpoint only, as he is in fact also a wedding designer in the sense of dealing with the planning and the choice of wedding details through different proposals, always original and founded on the spouses' own requests, which he will submit to them from time to time and will gradually come to define the event. As a result, a wedding planner might attend to coordinating the work of suppliers already chosen by the client independently, without necessarily binding him to choose the wedding planner's own trusted suppliers.

Is there a charge for the first meeting?

A first face-to-face meeting is necessary if you want to safely choose who you want to entrust the most important day of your life to; that is why it is recommended that the choice of one's wedding planner should take place after a nice chat during which to put forward your ideas and get from the other party more details on the consultancy and clarity on costs. Accordingly, the first meeting is entirely free of charge and entails no commitment on the part of the spouses, who can feel totally free in their choices.

Can we celebrate the wedding on a beach or an outdoor location?

Leaving aside the scenes television has accustomed us to, in Italy it is permissible to conclude a civil marriage in the municipal house, subject to exemptions or conventions agreed upon with some locations directly by the municipality, whereas the religious ceremony is allowed only in places of worship, save for simple blessings or for simulations of rites.

Il matrimonio con le farfalle di monica e donato
Il matrimonio con le farfalle di monica e donato
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